“The key to creating a good outfit is to be yourself. Don’t give in to the trends! Don’t let fashion dominate you, just decide who you are, what you want to express with the way you dress and the way you live!”

-Gianni Versace

We, two close friends Hazal&İklim, were impressed by Gianni Versace’s words and took a step forward! A woman should not stick to the lines, everything she wears suits a woman because women are very special and beautiful that can never be classified. In our line, these women are special, the important thing is not how they fit into her outfit, but how our designs will stand on a woman. Every outfit has a story. There is an outfit in every story.


Ihandmore brand stands for İklim, Hazal, and more. More for us.


It’s you… We are not two people in this brand, we are many people and some of the wages earned go to our women and children in need.

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